Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

There is no denying it now--the cold weather is finally here!  We love summer and the warm weather as much as the next person, but you just can't beat the fashions that come with colder weather.  Check out some of our current favorites!

We love this tank so much; it has such gorgeous details but it is a bit too chilly to wear on its own right now!  Add this gorgeous jacket and scarf and not only are the great details not lost, but you'll be nice and toasty.

Tank: $88
Jacket: $98
Pants: $198
Scarf: $38

 This striped dress is so sweet.  And it looks great with this indigo jacket.  Our favorite felt hats are here and just perfect for keeping your head warm when it's frosty out.

Dress: $52
Jacket: $94
Necklace: $56
Backpack: $75
Hat: $14

 Can you believe it's already time to be thinking about what you're going to wear to holiday parties?  We can't believe it, but we're so excited anyway!  These next two outfits would be great for a nice Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks.

Top: $54
Skirt: $26
Necklace: $48

Top: $$40
Skirt: $54
Purse: $128

 Dresses are so fun and effortless, we love them so. But they can be a bit chilly on their own.  Layer a sweater on top and add some tights (we have some beautiful ones in right now) and you're good to go!
Dress: $48
Sweater: $108
Necklace: $88
Bag: $209

This skirt from Free People is perfect for this military style jacket and cozy scarf.  It would look great with tights as well!

Top: $78
Jacket: $198
Skirt: $88
Scarf: $22
Necklace: $54

This thin cardigan is a great option for the cooler weather.  It's enough to give you some added warmth under a coat, but still not too heavy that you have to take it off when you get inside heated buildings.  Plus it goes just perfectly with this embroidered top!

Top: $56
Sweater $46
Jeans: $128
Necklace: $78
Purse: $138

Aren't sweatshirts the best?  We have just one complaint. Sometimes they just aren't very flattering.  But that's not the case with this beautiful number from Free People.  Keep warm and look stylish? Sign us up!

Top: $128
Pants: $38
Scarf: $48
Purse: $228

Pullovers are great on their own, but they are even better when they have a whimsical design on the front!  We have other designs in as well--owls, foxes, and penguins, oh my!  So cozy and fun.

Sweater: $66
Pants: $88
Purse: $128

There's no need to stand there shivering--come on in and warm up!

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