Friday, October 31, 2014

Pattern Play

We love patterns so much!  They make our fashion hearts sing.  They are an instant pick up to any outfit.  Check out some of the beautiful patterned pieces we have in the store right now!

We love this pretty floral jacket, and it looks so great with anything striped, like this tee!

Top: $30
Jacket: $34
Jeans: $189
Hat: $14

We are loving all the tribal-inspired prints available now.  This cozy sweater looks beautiful with this layered turquoise necklace.

Top: $38
Sweater: $52
Pants: $128
Necklace: $78

This turtleneck sweater is beautiful.  The yarn is tweed-inspired and the bits of color are so lovely and unexpected.

Top: $128
Pants: $198
Purse: $128

Isn't this little plaid number gorgeous?  We love that it is in these beautiful neutral colors.

Top: $42
Sweater: $98
Jeans: $168
Hat: $14
Necklace: $54

Here is another great plaid sweater if you're looking for something a bit brighter!

Dress: $62
Sweater: $48
Necklace: $58

This dress is one of our favorites!  The contrasting top and bottom, not to mention those stripes!

Dress: $42
Jacket: $46
Necklace: $88

This script print tee is lovely.  It brings a little bit of excitement to this classic black/cream outfit.

Top: $26
Skirt: $54
Scarf: $22
Purse: $128

Here is another of our favorite tribal-inspired prints.  This gorgeous blouse looks amazing on its own, and would look just as great under a jacket or sweater for these chilly fall days!

Top: $80
Jeans: $209
Purse: $138
Necklace: $48

See what I mean?  Our hearts are singing already--lalala!

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