Monday, January 6, 2014

goals for clothes.

this year is the year of simplicity for me! and that includes my clothes. i've cleaned out my closet and narrowed down the things that i still need. shopping for fun is always my favorite hobby. but this year i'm shopping with a purpose. only buying things that i love and things that make sense with my wardrobe. i want a simple, classic, yet funky look. so today i have some great, simple, classic pieces and silhouettes that every girl needs :)

 top : $58 pants : $108 hat : $28

 top : $54 pants : $165 necklace : $16 bag : $199

top : $78 skirt : $32 coat : $114 scarf : $32

hope these outfits give you a few ideas of what your closet might need. if not, feel free to stop by and any of our soel employees would be happy to inspire you with a few of our other great pieces!

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