Thursday, January 9, 2014

diy work out attire.

with the new year officially upon us we are all (hopefully) keeping up with our new year's resolutions. most everyone has probably sworn to work out more or maybe to keep working out or maybe just to have a more active lifestyle. whatever your situation, you're going to need great clothes to wear while doing it, right? although it's great to get all new gear sometimes it's hard to find the right thing or maybe it's just a little too pricey. so i thought i would showcase the cutest DIY's i could find to make your own work out gear. all you need is an old t shirt!

check it out. :)

here are just a few that i found that seemed pretty easy! if these ones aren't your favorite just search pinterest and you'll be sure to find something you  love. 

thanks for reading and hope you get your sweat on this week. 

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