Friday, October 25, 2013

yummy yummy pumpkins

The other day I spotted the cutest way to paint your pumpkins. Carving will always be a tradition right? but sometimes it's fun to change it up with a fresh coat of paint & no mess of carving!

So a huge thanks to Studio DIY for this idea on insta, & for inspiring us in a whole new delicious way to paint our pumpkins! Be sure to check out their blog.. it's to die for full of the best diys!

What you'll need:
-pumpkins (of any size)
-paint brush
-a base paint color for what you want the doughnut part to look like
-paint colors for the "frosting" & "sprinkles!"

1 paint your entire pumpkin a base color for what you want the doughnut part to look like (chocolate doughnuts would be a darkish brown)
2 wait for it to dry & begin paint the frosting portion! pick a different color & just paint half of your pumpkin that color. make sure to leave a hole near the stem to make it look like the doughnut hole :)
3 start your sprinkles! go wild with the colors, and paint your little hearts out.
4 voila! your pumpkins are finished & ready to shine in their spotlights on your festive porch.

I loooooved this idea, especially when you want to make your life a little more festive for the holidays!

xo Addison

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