Monday, October 28, 2013

casual chic.

there's this little trick i like to use and i call it casual chic. basically you pick an outfit that you could practically sleep in it's so comfortable but no one would even guess because you look absolutely fab and chic!

so today we've put together some outfits that achieve this casual chic look we speak of. hope you enjoy and get some inspiration for your next casual chic outfit.

 first up, this soft casual button up. paired with a cute hat and leather bag you look chic as ever.
top : $54 pants : $108 necklace : $8 hat : $34 purse : $178

 this twist on a classic chambray really gives you that rocker edge, along with these cheetah print soft blue pants you might just feel like you're ready for a nap. but pair it with a great scarf and classy necklace, everyone will think you're going to a glam party, or at least out to lunch with the girls :)
top : $44 pants : $78 scarf : $24 necklace : $110 bag : $128

this sweater is the perfect example of a piece that is comfortable yet totally fabulous. wear it zipped up or wear it open like a cardigan, you really can't go wrong.
sweater : $120 pants : $118 purse : $78

xo mel.

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