Monday, October 21, 2013

the purse of all trades

Sometimes when you don't feel cute in your outfit all you might need is the perfect purse (& a smile ;)).

Well lucky for you we just got a fabulous shipment of hobo bags & wallets in!! Yay. I was so excited when I got into work today. So as I started putting outfits together for the mannis I thought, "Why not pull the newest hobos into the mix by doing a colored bag in the same family of color as the outfit!" Haha, this was pretty exciting to me, but hopefully once I show you what i mean you'll be just as thrilled :)

date night or errands, this outfit is meant for all occasions! jacket $72 short sleeve blouse $52 jeans $218 purse $128
this outfit would be perfect paired with your favorite leggings for a comfy school day, or park time with the littles. cardi $54 dress $48 purse $138
shopping spree outfit? um YES! wear this while you shop for more closet additions. brilliant :) hat $48 top $44 pants $164 purse $98

I don't know about you, but I am about ready to shop my heart out. Come join me at Soel!

Happy Monday :)
xo Addison

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