Tuesday, May 28, 2013

to die for..

I have realized that this may or may not be my most used phrase on this blog.. but it's always the truth! haha. Our shipments are literally to die for. Each & every day. How many places get shipment every day PLUS the cutest shipment?? Oh man. It's to die for.

Wait til you see some of our latest things.. you'll just, well.. die :)

tank $15 pants $54

sunhat $22 top $44 skirt $46

blouse $38 skirt $44

The clothes just keep getting better & better (is that even possible?? yes! :))

So come see us; we'll be HAPPY to show you all our new treasures!

Enjoy this beautifully rainy Tuesday evening--

xxo Addison


Corina said...

I live in salt lake and would love a post about the bags and purses you have available right now. Is that possible?


Shelly Bean said...


Of course we can do that! Keep an eye out the next couple of weeks & we will be sure to post about our bags. Thanks for reading!

xo Addison