Monday, May 27, 2013

garlands galore.

i've been in a party throwing mood over the last month. i love imagining what food i would serve, what activities i would provide, and mostly i dream of how i would decorate it. and i feel like my imaginary party is never complete without a great garland to top it off. so i scoured pinterest in search of my favorite garland ideas and thought i would share. and best of all? they each seem pretty easy to make yourself!

(just grab a huge hole punch from your local craft store and get to work on your sewing machine.)

(did your jaw just drop to the floor? cause mine did. those are FRESH flowers. imagine the possiblities!)

(an adorable flower paper option. i love!)

(and last but not least, use recycled paper that matches your theme and cut it into your favorite shape.)

hope you had a great monday holiday!

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