Wednesday, November 20, 2013

paper cones galore

I spotted this cute DIY on Pinterest the other day & just had to share.

This would be perfect for spicing up a blank wall in your house, a party you're throwing, or even just for some added festive holiday decor on a budget! Thanks to the original source Oh Happy Day for the how-to on this simple craft.

What you'll need: scissors, paper (a few shades of one color could be fun, as pictured above), stapler, & string.

Step One: Make a Template with a circle. They chose 7" but you can do whatever size fits your space.
Step Two: Trace the template onto a piece of paper.
Step Three: Cut the paper even a few sheets at a time.
Step Four: Fold the circles in half and cut down the middle line.
Step Five: Wrap the paper around the string making sure the hole at the top is small and snug, then staple in place.
Step Six: To make sure the cone doesn’t move around, place a staple on the string (a piece of tape wrapped around the string works too) to hold it in place.
Step Seven: Repeat every few inches until garland is complete.

You seriously will have to check out their page showing picture step by step for the how-to. It made it ten times easier for me to understand & gave me that much more motivation that I can do it! & You can too!

Ok, beyond the pep talk you just read, this craft is too fun to pass up. So what do you say? Let's get crafty & festive this year!

Thanks for reading, you lovely people!
xo Addison

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