Thursday, August 15, 2013

let's get craftin'

This week for the DIY I stumbled across something that I am so excited to share. By no means did I come up with it, so thanks to this site we are blessed with the most creative craft.. & so simple too!

All you will need: a blank wall, doilies varying in size, & a bright colored set of thumbtacks! (these can be all the same color, or different colors--whatever you choose).

Check it out!

By simply pinning up doilies of all sizes with your choice of thumbtacks, you can create beautiful 3D wall art, without the pain & mess of paint! In this example they chose orange thumbtacks.

Here it is up close & in different lighting.

I was thinking you could also do this on a board of canvas, or frame it.. so many possibilities! So if you are up for a quick & easy way to update your home, this craft is for you!

xo Addison

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