Tuesday, July 23, 2013

stripes galore

One style that seems to be so in right now & is basically to die over, is stripes mixed with denim.

There are so many combos you can do with stripes & denim, but some of my favorites are black & white stripes with a light wash denim.. especially black & white striped denim skinnies.. heaven.

Today that's my focus: showing how we can mix & match similar things in a few different ways.

Pinterest is seriously the best go-to for style tips, craft ideas, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on & on. So I made it my goal to find (on Pinterest) different ways to mix & match these favorites of mine. Here we go!

this boyfriend style shirt mixed with cutoff shorts is the perfect casual summertime look. throw on some funky rings & a boyfriend style watch for the best touch.

wide stripe or narrow, black & white stripes have so many options! it's all about finding which style you like for yourself the best.

Mixing this light wash denim jacket & some gold jewelry touches, with animal print which is perfect to pull in, only adds to the beauty of the classic stripe.
& finally.. don't know quite where to get these fabulous striped pants? now worries.. it's your lucky day because we sell them at Soel! & these beauties can be yours for $46 :)

Thanks for joining me today readers! I'll keep an eye out for those splendid stripey outfits of yours.
xo Addison

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