Wednesday, July 24, 2013

gifting in the best way!

Sometimes I feel like I completely run out of cute ideas for wrapping gifts. & with how many events there are in life where gifts are given, I LOVE when I find new ways to wrap!

Thanks to Pinterest, we can basically search for anything & end up with ideas galore. Here are a few of the wrapping ideas that made my heart happy, so I want to share..

burlap has SO many uses, but a cute painted burlap bag!? to die for, for any gifting purpose. these could even be great as party favors! close them up with some twine & a clothespin & you are all set!

I loved this idea for packages that you mail out. instead of sending them blank, why not use cute washi tape or a pretty lace tape that will add a touch, but not upset the mail system with bulk!

for this one all you need is a cute paper cut out, string, & voila. it's simple, quick, & so adorable.

I personally love the look of wrapping string back & forth multiple times on a package. it gives it more dimension, & by pinning a cute card on top your package is ready to gift!

how pretty is this crepe paper wrapping? you could even use torn tissue paper to achieve the same look.

if you feel like going all out, pick up a darling cloth napkin or something like it & simply tie it around the box, bag, or item for a homey look!

for this one you can put dot stickers on brown paper & use as wrapping! painting circles is an option too. pretty much, this is a party in the package!

So hopefully these have inspired you as much as they've inspired me.. because now I can't wait to start gifting even just for fun!

xo Addison

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