Monday, April 15, 2013

puzzle perfect

Today, I had WAY too much fun pulling outfits together.. we have SO many cute things in right now! For the mannequins I didn't really know where to start because of my excitement, but once I got going it was sort of like a puzzle, & all the cutest pieces found each other for each of the mannis.

Ok after reading that it may have sounded silly? Ehh no let's just call it love at first sight :) You'll know just what I mean when you keep scrolling.

tee $36 necklace $70 skirt $34

necklace $62 blouse $38 skinnies $189

maxi dress $52 tee (layered over top the dress) $36 belt $29

dress $52 necklace $62
Readers, I am so in love with spring. & these springy clothes only make me fall even more in love with it all!

Soel is a pretty lovely place :)

Enjoy your Monday night, all!
xo Addison

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