Saturday, April 13, 2013

light bulb moment

...Literally. This is the smartest & brightest craft!

So.. Need a fun Saturday craft?

Well I came across this genius paper lantern that looks more than just way too easy.. it is SO CUTE.

What you'll need:
A brown paper grocery bag, a large hole punch, a paper lantern, & glue.

First, cut holes out of a brown paper bag-- any size you prefer. I liked the look of the extra large hole punch.

Next, place some glue on just the edge of one side of the paper hole you punched. You want it to hang off the lantern slightly so if you glue the entire lining of the circle it will just lay flat.
This is also where you begin overlapping the holes you've punched & glued.

Finally, hang your light & look at that beauty that you can so proudly say you just made!!

This is perfect for a children's play area, a kitchen, or right over your family room!

Thanks for reading, readers. :)
xo Addison


Megan said...

Could you cite your sources when finding these cool projects? I like to see who the original creators are so I can follow their blogs ... TIA!

xx Emily said...


Yes! So sorry. I just found this one on pinterest with no link but I am sure if you googled brown grocery bag lantern it would pull up some craft blogs? I also know that cotton& is an awesome diy blog for other things. Maybe check it out!

Hope this helps a little!

Thanks for reading!
xo Addison