Wednesday, February 27, 2013

died & gone to heaven

No joke. Maybe it's the sunny weather outside. Maybe it's the winter chill that we can feeeeel leaving Utah. Or maybe it's the fact that the clothes at Soel only get CUTER & CUTER!?

Mmmm yep, probably a combination of all three & mostly the last.

Here are some finds that you will want to snatch as fast as your cars will take you to Soel, as fast as your hands can get to the phone to dial our number & order over the phone, or as fast as you can comment on here. Because trust me.. you'll want to.

So check them out!

joe's top $130 skirt $30

white to teal ombre top $58 skinnies $54

blouse $44 bow waist skirt $44 necklace $70

Feel free to always commenton here, call into the store, or visit anytime you like! We are so grateful for all you helping to make Soel what we love.

Enjoy your (hopefully!) sunshiny Wednesday!

xo Addison

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