Wednesday, January 30, 2013

for your littles

This DIY post is for all you moms, nannies & sitters, & anyone who loves to feel the joy of playing with precious children. They are just so fun!

Try out these ideas to make memories for your kids that they will always remember.

use toilet paper rolls as a stamp for making valentine's cards. bend them into a shape you like, or the heart seen above. then dip in paint, put on paper, & voila!

indoor car wash made from hanging balloons & streamers from the ceiling, taping black paper to the ground & using pieces of tape as dashes in the middle of the paper to resemble a road! easy put up & easy take down.
I canNOT get over how clever this is. sew five or six pillows together for the perfect little kid lounger. they can read on it, draw in a coloring book, watch a movie on it, or take a nap on it for a change one day. it folds up so they can move it around wherever they wish!

Hopefully these will offer a refreshing outlook on things to with your little ones. I know they will think you're their most creative hero, even though I am sure they already do :)

Thanks for joining me this week, readers!
xo Addison

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