Saturday, July 28, 2012

Light Up Your Life

.. With backyard DIY lanterns!

Summer may be nearing an end soon, but not too soon to make a glamorous backyard! Simple twinkle light lanterns, candlelit jars, or tin cans with fun cutouts. No matter how you do it, you're sure to have a hit of a party, or just relaxing summer evenings with these fun ideas.

Perhaps you already own a lantern (either hanging or stuck in the ground)? With this way you can stuff a bunch of twinkle lights from your Christmas boxes inside the lanterns to create a peaceful glow.

These jars are may be the easiest way to create an ambiance in your backyard that you thought unimaginable. You simply take some old jars from around your house or in your storage, cover them in fun tissue paper, tie around the lid with an adorable ribbon, & stick a candle inside. It's easy at that, & the reward is a stunning light!

Instead of throwing out those cans from dinner last night, wash them out, punch holes in the side for a shape that you adore, & place a candle inside. The shadow it makes is a cool & surprising splash on a wall.

Count to three & you'll soon see, you can have that yard you've been dreaming of- easy easy.
xxo Addison

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