Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Boots Do the Talking

The transition between fall & summer is a hard one for me because I'm never quite ready to let go of my cool, light clothes, & begin to layer up!

With these outfits I am about to show you however, you can wear them during the transition; they are meant for the warm summer nights, but cooler fall days that seem to be creeping closer.

let's start with a delicate ensemble that when paired together are heavenly enough for both seasons combined. though it may be a splurge to get, these items will be able to last you through all kinds of weather.
top $64 pants $198 boots $196

this dainty outfit meant for any party, a dressy day to work, or a day out pulls in the colors from both seasons to tie them together. top $40 skirt $32 boots $196

the bird print on this adorable dress tells the story of a fall day, while still being the perfect length for a warmer evening.  dress $77 belt $12 boots $196

You cannot go wrong with choices like these, so start planning your transition wardrobe now! It's the perfect time with summer clothes still out of your boxes, & fall clothes sneakily finding their way back into your closet.

xo Addison

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Can I get some more info on the top outfit?

Like if the shirt is even still available. Also the yellow jeans as well. Thanks!