Friday, March 16, 2012

You's felt like Christmas every day this past little while.  You'd think Frank (our UPS man) is sick of seeing us.

Here are some things we got in recently:
Splendid double pocket top. If you're like me and only shop for comfortable clothes..then this is for you. $88.
Okay here you go--probably the most popular item in the store right now....floral pants from Citizen. We paired it with a nude colored blouse from Madison. $32.

This Yetts top looks like a party if you ask me. $34 
Oh and guess what? Courtney just opened another box and looks like we have it in tank top form too! 
They're baaaack. Salt Water Sandals for your lil' munchkins. 
Speaking of lil' munchkins...just thought I'd throw in a picture of some of our baby stuff. Can't get your eye off those alphabet and number prints?  Me either! $20
I've been trying not to try clothes on in fear of loving everything too much. BUT this shirt is waiting for me in one of the dressing rooms right now. I just couldn't help it! I'm crazy about the detail. $32 
have you ever had a Kim White purse? I haven't..but now I want one. Typical. These prints will go with any outfit and it's a perfect size of bag too.  
MAYBE you could use this bag to sneak in treats to HUNGER GAMES NEXT WEEKEND! Just sayin'. 
It's not often that I find something in a color I love and a length that works for me. This skirt is the perfect combo.  $44
Last but not least...these cork wedges from Kork Ease (say that brand name again. you'll laugh) have my heart. Come try them on and they'll have your heart too. 

come see us at soel! 
love kylee

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Deidre Edmunds said...

Do you still have this mint pleated skirt?! Or can you get more? :)