Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It feels like SPRING...

 and our racks are FULL!!!!!!!


We love this classy dress from BBDAKOTA.  You can't see it, but the back has some great lace detail that just makes this dress so unique.  

Marineblu and Alythea 

 This outfit screams spring don't you think?  The midcalf length, pleats, polka dots and lace.  It's perfect for a day out with the friends or a night out with your significant other.

Tulle, Hudson and Pink Martini
 Colorpop!!!  Everyone loves colorpop this year.  We just got these amazing Hudsen jeans in.  You've got to come try them on, they are so soft they might make you melt.  To top it off we have them paired with this subtle floral top and light knit sweater.

Kersh and Gentlefawn
 Hello fashionista!  This outfit will catch anyones eye.  The plum pants with elastic bottoms, strip shirt and leapord scarf is perfect for any occasion.  Just to top it off we have added a Hobo purse. 

LA Made and Tulle
 Looking for a simple everyday outfit that you can just throw on and go!  This may be what you are looking for.  We have one of our fav's (LA made V-neck), paired with a Tulle skirt, that will be perfect for that summer weather we are all yearning for. 

Gentlefawn and Joes
Don't you just wish it was summer??  I sure do, especially after seeing this great outfit.  The Joe jean shorts are to die for and then you put it with this Gentlefawn tank and you just can't seem to get enough.  To add a little color we have put our orange Hobo with it. 

Come in and check out all our new spring clothes.
We always love seeing you here at Soel!!

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