Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Light Bulb Decor

Craft time? I think so. Now that the holidays are over, we need some new fun decorations for our homes! What can be better than an inexpensive, fun, do it yourself craft?  This week at Soel we have decided to feature all the fun things you can do with light bulbs!
Before jumping right into it, be sure to clean/strip out the bulb for all of theses projects. Look it up. Be safe :)

Twine Pears! SO chic and we love them lots.

Aquariums! Please don't lock a tiny fish in a tiny bulb! Find a larger bulb for this one. (Don't use energy-saving bulbs, they have mercury and could poison your fish!)

Beautiful clear(ish) vases. Saw off the tip of the bulb, and add in some water and flowers! We love how these look hanging in the sunlight!

Oil Lamp/Candle. With a tray, some glue, and some clear paraffin wax you can make these for super cheap!

Mini Terrariums. For these ones, again, do not use energy-saving bulbs. Use succulents, moss, or whatever you want! To water, spray down with a spray bottle.

Well, hopefully this has inspired you to reuse your old light bulbs for something crazy and inventive and very YOU!

Come see us over at Soel this week and let us know how your craft time went!

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Jennifer said...

How do you make the oil lamps with the wick to light them - I really like that idea!