Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

Today was a Soel filled day. And it was wonderful. I woke up really early.  Too early.  I rolled out of bed and immediately put my Minnatonka moccasins on.  I love them and my feet love them too.

This dry weather was making my lips super chapped. Good thing I have my Love and Toast lip balm to give them hydration.
After helping my sore lips I had to check my calendar.  I love this cute datebook I got at Soel.  Not only is it super cute, but the calendar days are blank so I can fill them out how I want!  That way, if I take a break from life and don't have anything scheduled, I don't feel quilty for wasting 7 pages in my datebook.
And it's a good thing I checked that datebook of mine....I forgot I was hosting a dinner party tonight!
But before I could start setting up, I had to get little Ivy ready for school.  She ate breakfast on her cute ladybug plate that I got at Soel. She's not a very good eater, but when I serve her food on darling plates like this she'll gobble it right up! The ladybugs followed her to school via lunch box and backpack.  You could say all the other kids were jealous.
After Ivy was fed, I could hear Tommy crying from his crib.  I got a bottle ready for him--a bottle that I love.  It's glass and so nice to not have to worry about all that BPA stuff.
But guess what...Tommy wasn't hungry.
Instead he wanted his BlaBla Lion. He loves this thing.  Good thing Soel has tons of them in right now.  I may have to go buy more.
After the kids were taken care of, it was time to start getting ready for the party.  I love this Big Vegan recipe book I got from Soel. Soel cool or WHAT?
So many of my friends are Vegan and this book is FULL of good ideas.  It was perfect for my party.
I made some yummy stuff for the party and then had to go pick up Ivy from school. 
As I was waiting for her to come out,  I got so many compliments about my Nashelle necklace.  I told all the other moms to hurry in and go get their's from Soel for the holidays!
I did some Holiday crafting with Ivy and Tommy.  They love to be involved and help me do things.  In fact...they love it so much I may have to go buy another book like this at Soel.  They have tons of "ideas for kids" books.
After our craft hour, I made one final cake for the party tonight. This Miette book from Chronical really saved my bacon.  I followed their step by step tutorial on how to make the cake pictured on the cover. It was a success.

After all my cooking, baking, mommying was finished, I needed to do some internet surfing.  Isn't my laptop case to die for?  I love Fossil. I love Soel.

I went on over to Soel's blog to get some outfit inspiration. They showed me...
This cute comfy cardigan from Tulle. I could wear this to my party...I would be so comfortable but still cute!

Oh my gosh and they have these wonderful wishlists. I filled mine out with all my favorite things that I want my hubby to come in and get me for Christmas! I can let my husband know what I want, still be suprised and he can be assured that I will love it...the best of both worlds! It's a Christmas miracle!

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