Monday, March 18, 2013

let's go to the beach

Ok ok, I know. If you live in Utah there is no "beach" to go to. But a girl can dream right?? & what about vacations?? With the summer inching closer it's important to stock up on perfect beach wear. At least that's what I rationalize to my wallet :)

blouse $80 necklace $62 skirt $86

maxi $78 hat $34 necklace $52

$16 for the perfect beach accessory. these scarves are great for throwing around your neck to add a touch to a maxi dress or into your hair for the best beach look.
Whether you're going to the beach in another state, or making a trip to your neighbors pool for the afternoon, these are the way to go for a bombshell look no matter where you live :)

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Enjoy this Monday followers.. We love your SUPPORT!

xo Addison

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