Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We love summer, A LOT. As sad as we are to see warm days go, we are all about all of the change fall brings. Changing leaves, school starting, sweater weather (!!!), and new goals are all things that have us crushing on fall! 

This change oriented journal (14.95$) has us in a goal setting mood and we wanted to share some of those goals with you!

Summer had us eating out much more than we'd like to admit (are we the only ones?!) and we want to get back to our kitchens. Our first goal is to cook more often with the people we love the most.

Recipe Box 34$ Strainer 18$ Cutting Board 16$

Something we love about school starting is having a schedule again! It's also not bad to have such a cute planner to write all of your lunch dates in...

Planner 34$ Pen Set 7$



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