Thursday, February 5, 2015

Spring is Here!

It feels like Spring is already here!

Here's a few of our favorite things to get you ready for warmer weather :)


Sunday Picnic

 Shirt:$54 Skirt:$54 Purse:$98 Hat:$16 Necklace:$48

Be Mine

Shirt:$48 Pants:$198 Purse:$128 Hat: $16

Out & About

Sweater:$118 Shirt:$42 Pants:$78 Purse:$278 Hat:$16


Dress:$36 Kimono:$62 Necklace:$58 Purse:$198

Embroidered Basics

Shirt:$42 Sweater:$62 Jeans:$198 Purse:$268 

Red, White, and Striped

Shirt:$66 Skirt:$58 Necklace:$22 Purse:$98


Dress:$74 Purse:$98 Necklace:$52

 Time for School

Blouse:$48 Sweater:$70 Pants:$198 Necklace:$22 Backpack:$78 

 Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Shirt:$38 Sweats:$128 Necklace:$80 Hat:$16 Purse:$148

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