Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Layer Cake

So many wonderful things have layers.  Cakes, onions, misunderstood ogres, sedimentary rock formations.  Not to mention some really great outfits!  One of the best things about fall is that we can finally start layering again, and there are so many fun ways to do it.

We love how this top and cardigan have similar lengths.  It's like they were made to be worn together.  This is an easy and simple way to layer.  This lovely necklace and great bag give the outfit a bit more dimension.

Cardigan: $72
Top: $68
Jeans: $168
Necklace: $54
Purse: $278

A shirt under a sweater is a classic combination.  Add a new spin to it by wearing a sweater with cropped sleeves over a shirt with fun cuff details.  That way you can stay warm, and the beautiful embroidery isn't lost in the meantime!

Sweater: $74
Top: $118
Pants: $198
Purse: $128

We love dresses, they can be a beautiful outfit in just one piece of clothing.  But that can also be their downfall--they sometimes aren't very versatile.  Not to mention that sometimes they seem a bit too fancy to wear for everyday activities.  But have you ever considered layering with your dresses?  This sweatshirt-type tee looks great layered over this lovely purple dress, making it a bit more casual and giving it a completely new look!

Top: $48
Dress: $54
Necklace: $56
Bag: $110

We love layering crop tops with some of the great longer pieces we have in right now, especially when they have similar sleeve lengths.

Crop top: $38
Top: $56
Pants: $248
Necklace: $62
Purse: $108

Denim jackets are so classic.  This one is a basic that every girl needs in her closet.  You may be a bit wary of the denim on denim trend--we get it, bad memories from the 80s--so stick a toe in by wearing your denim jacket with a different color of denim, like this basic black.

Top: $34
Jacket: $74
Pants: $230
Scarf: $26
Purse: $138

Some shirts were made for layering, like this beautiful one with side slits.  Keep it subtle like we did here with a neutral colored tee underneath, or sneak in a fun pop of bright color.  Go wild!  There are no rules!

Top: $30
Tee: $24
Pants: $150
Necklace: $88
Purse: $278

This tank is one of our favorite pieces for layering.  It is beautiful on its own, but it also looks great underneath other shirts because of the fun beaded detail on the hem.  We think it goes just perfectly with this peplum top from Free People.

Peplum: $68
Tank: $88
Pants: $28
Necklace: $70
Purse: $198

The more layers the better, don't you think?  Do it with lighter pieces so you're not sweating by lunchtime.  Look how great this button-up top looks with a henley over it, all topped off by another great denim jacket!

White Top: $54
Burgundy Top: $78
Denim: $94
Pants: $128
Necklace: $48
Bag: $209

Here is another of our favorite ways to layer dresses.  Maybe you have a dress that you love that is a bit too short for fall.  Pull a fall skirt on over it and it's a completely new outfit.  Layer some patterns while you're at it--we love the way these stripes look with this floral jacket!

Stripe Dress: $138
Skirt: $62
Jacket: $34
Necklace: $80
Purse: $128

Happy layering!

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