Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Details, details

You should probably grab your purse and car keys now, because you're going to want to drive straight over here once you see some of the great things we have in the store right now.  Lots of these pieces deserve a closer look--so many gorgeous details!

We are so excited that we can finally start wearing sweaters and layering again.  A button-up shirt with a sweater over it is a classic look, and this sweater is a great way to add a new twist to it!

Shirt: $42
Sweater: $82
Jeans: $179
Purse: $128
Necklace: $48

Now take a closer look at this shirt.  Yes, those are giraffes!  And who doesn't love giraffes? No one we know, that's for sure.  We love this layered necklace too.  It's part of a new jewelry line we are carrying that you are going to have to come and check out.  So many beautiful necklaces and bracelets too!

This is a great early-fall outfit, wouldn't you agree? Short sleeves for sunny days like today, and a cute patterned scarf for chilly days like the ones we had last week.

Shirt: $65
Jeans: $178
Scarf: $42
Necklace: $48 

But it gets even better!  Look at the subtle polka dot print on this tee.  And how about that necklace? You guessed it, also from the new jewelry line. Beautiful!

We love this outfit.  It has a lot of sugary-sweet pinks and purples, all balanced out by the striped beige and tan cardigan and dark jeans.

Shirt: $26
Cardigan: $128
Jeans: $158
Scarf: $40
Purse: $128

And this purse!  Look at that beautiful cut-out pattern!


 We love this simple mod-style dress.  So pretty and so versatile.  It goes great with this beautiful jacket with yet another beautiful cut-out detail in the shoulders!

Dress: $54
Jacket: $78
Necklace:  $48

Here's a closer look at the shoulders on that jacket.  And here's another gorgeous layered necklace.

We love this simple outfit.  It's perfect as it is for warm days, and when it's cold it would look lovely with a sweater and tights!  If you're lucky enough to be going on an adventure soon, this Nena & Co day bag is the perfect choice for your luggage.

Shirt: $32
Skirt: $48
Bag: $209

Here's another dress we are loving right now.  It's simple and feminine all rolled up in one great piece! Dress it up or down, the possibilities are endless! We love it paired with this rugged jacket and beautiful Kris Nations necklace.

Dress: $52
Jacket: $72
Necklace: $88

We loved this striped tank in the summer, and we still love it now.  We know cold weather is just around the corner, so we thought this beautiful cardigan would be a perfect way to keep wearing it.  The necklace is from Musana, made by Rosette Nanteza.

Tank: $34
Cardigan: $64
Jeans: $158
Necklace: $38
Tote: $110

 We have so many great patterned tops in right now.  We love this one paired with this soft jacket.

Shirt: $46
Jacket: $148
Jeans: $68

This is one of our very favorite outfits right now.  A simple gray tee is an essential in every closet, and this hooded jacket is a great way to liven it up!  And here is another beautiful necklace from the new jewelry line.  That fringe!  Swoon.

Shirt: $36
Jacket: $118
Jeans: $198
Purse: $128
Necklace: $54

What did I tell you?  Great pieces, great details.  See you soon!

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