Friday, August 22, 2014

Fall is Just Around the Corner

Even though we're still enjoying the last hot days we can't help but be excited for Fall, coming so fast! Be sure to stop in and take a look at all the new fall shipment arriving daily. Our mannequins are decked out in some of our fall and summer favorites.
 Who else is as excited to wear sweaters as I am?! I cannot wait, and this one is a dream. 
Hat: $34 // Sweater: $78 // Bag: $128 // Necklace: $24 // Dress: $138
 This outfit is perfect for this transition from summer to fall! 
Hat: $14 // Bag: $98 // Skirt: $46 // Shirt: $42
Talk about back-to-school! This outfit is perfect for all you students. (And non-students too, of course!) 
Backpack: $110 // Pants: $170 // Shirt: $128

Have a GREAT week!!! xoxo

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