Wednesday, February 12, 2014

light up your life!

One of my favorite crafts as of late is diy lampshades. I love sprucing up old lamps or thrift store lamps with simple projects. I was looking on Pinterest this week for inspiration lampshades & found some awesome ideas I want to try!

this is way too easy.. hot glue tiny pom poms onto a lampshade in a circular motion (or stripes, or any design you choose!)

this one is a washi tape lampshade. so simple! just take your favorite washi tape & start taping! For tape design I was thinking geometric, stripes, vertical lines, etc.
this one is soooo cute. made from a thrift store sweater! for complete tutorial, go here

What's your favorite? I can't choose! & I also cannot wait to get crafting.

Happy Wednesday, readers!

xo Addison

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