Wednesday, January 29, 2014

for the littles

This diy post is for all you moms, nannies, and lover-of-kids out there! I came across the cutest/simplest idea for a quick & creative activity to do with children. Next time you hear "I'm bored" you'll be ready to blow their minds with this cute & unusual way of using your imagination! Take a look.

You can have them search for little every day objects around the house & create art out of them! It will have them laughing & definitely get their creative juices flowing. Anything from nails for a porcupine, a spiral bound notebook for a dinosaur, to an oreo for a globe! Snack time can be craft time with these silly & fun ideas.

Even if you are no Picasso, your kids will love the simplicity of this activity. Just make it fun! & give them a turn to try the sketching, or even ask them to make a story out of it. Kids have the best imaginations.

What other simple activities are your favorites to do with children? We love to hear your stories!

xo Addison

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