Thursday, December 12, 2013

small spaces. big celebrations!

hey ya'll. hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far! i am feeling a little warmer after all of the layering i've been doing and i hope you are too!

this week i wanted to focus on all you fellow small space dwellers. if you're anything like me your apartment or house is anything but spacious! or maybe you have a need for a smaller tree in a kids room or kitchen? whatever your needs may be i wanted to provide some inspiration for decorating your small space with a great christmas tree!

for our first christmas as husband and wife my mother in law gave us the smallest most charley brownish christmas tree you've ever seen and i instantly fell in love with it and have used it every year since! the following ideas really have me feeling great about my tree :)

these photos have me swooning and i hope you loved them too! have a great weekend and as always, if you can relate to any of our posts make sure to post pictures on instagram or facebook and tag @soelboutique so we can check them out.

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