Wednesday, December 18, 2013

it's all in the traditions!

Christmas traditions can definitely be the key to getting you in the holiday spirit, if you're feeling a little grinch-like sometimes. The holidays can be stressful but we should do our best to enjoy them with the least amount of stress!

This week I have been researching some of the top Christmas traditions you can do to feel more festive.  It's not too late to start your traditions now, & with a week to go til the big day, this 7 idea long list will be perfect for your last minute parties. Enjoy!

Christmas checklist:

  1. Have a favorite things party with your closest friends. Set a budget so you don't feel financially stressed, or decide to make t a treat night with your favorite goodies!
  2. Wrap up your favorite Christmas books. Unwrap one each night leading up to Christmas (you could do 5 or ten, or twenty five if you have that many favorites!).
  3. Dress up for a fancy candlelit dinner one night (even if it's for burgers from take out at in n out).
  4. Create a special & memorable Christmas breakfast that your family will always be able to say THAT is what you eat on Christmas.
  5. If you have younger children make a field trip to the dollar store with them to let them pick out cute gifts for their siblings.
  6. Cut down your own Christmas tree.. it's never too late to get a tree! They are beautiful & sweet smelling & so fun to have around. Even if it means vacuuming pine needles every other day. At least they're Christmas pine needles! ha :)
  7. Holiday movie night all month long!!! This one is my favorite. I am such a fan of Christmas movies.. whether they be the classics or the newest ABC family original (well.. that depends). But google the best recommendations for getting festive while watching your favorite actors!
What are your favorite traditions or Christmas memories? I love getting new ideas for getting in the holiday spirit.

ho ho ho 
& xo Addison :)

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