Monday, December 2, 2013

chilly day cures

This outfit is perfect for the coming Utah week. It's about to get way way way too cold to not be bundled up & the snow is on its way.. So if we are prepared for it, the storm won't know what it hit because we will just be able to enjoy it all!

layering with leather is so easy & fun to do. When you have a solid leather jacket, it gives you more freedom for patterns to lay under! sweater $68 jacket $72 moto skinnies $108
cozy it up with this perfect puffer coat from Jack. you can leave it open with the sweater & jacket peeking through, or zip it up to get rid of that chill & still look adorable! coat $72

Let's try to not fear the cold this winter.. & instead, embrace it! After all, Utah has one of the best winters around. We are so lucky!! So be sure to stop into Soel for your  chilly day cures this winter.

xo Addison

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Katie said...

Would you be able to ship to the UK?