Tuesday, October 8, 2013

three's company

This week's focus for me quickly became coats since we are getting the CUTEST ones in right now. Seriously so many. Coats are the easiest way to spruce up an outfit that you throw on quickly to run out the door. You could be wearing pajamas under a coat & STILL look cute if you have the right coat.

So maybe this fall/winter it's time for a new coat addition to your closet... :)

Left: hat $34 scarf $42 dress $54 coat $114

Middle (recognize this outfit? from last week's post, we decided to show how you can quickly dress up & WARM up an outfit by adding the perfect coat): hat $16 top $68 pants $158 coat $114

Right: hat $48 top $38 jeans $220 coat $80

So hopefully by now I have convinced you that the cutest coats are waiting for you at Soel AS WE SPEAK. Though these are maybe less than half of the coats that we have in right now. Soel is coat heaven.

So come visit! We'd love to see your bright smiling faces.

xox Addison

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ReinaKTG said...

What is the brand of the darling color block coat (olive green + cream) you have in stock currently?