Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WOOD you care to craft?

Want a simple craft that will make your kitchen table seriously go from drab to fab? Well this has just become your lucky day so get ready to melt over what I am about to show you.. & feast your eyes on this special wooden treasure of a table runner :)

keep scrolling for the how-to on this beautiful wooden table runner, trust me.. you'll want to!
& here is a close up for details :)

I stumbled across this craft on pinterest because I have been super into crafts that use wood lately. Maybe because it smells like fall in the air & it makes me want to warm up my home crafts with rich textures & colors? Whatever it is, I am LOVING what I'm finding!

Anyway, when I clicked on the link for this picture I found such a simple tutorial for making the runner! So a big thanks to Shanty to Chic for inspiring me by the creativity & the easiness in making it myself!

Here's how:
1. You will need a pack of wood shims from the hardware store, in the lumber section.
2. Then on to staining! In this example they used different stains which looks so so so cute!
3. If your shims are 12″ long you will next need fabric to glue them to. Your fabric strip can 10″ wide (like in the example given). Then, just cut the fabric the length you want your runner to be… Easy!

**side note; I was thinking it would be adorable to use burlap on the bottom to glue your shims to, & then you can have a reversible table runner! If you decide to do this I would keep the fabric the same width as the shims for a better reversible length :)

4. Shims are typically thicker on one end, so make sure to change the direction they lay as to not all be facing the same way when you glue them.
5. Lay them out in a pattern you're happy with, then glue your little heart out! & that's it.

Simple right?? I'm in love with it.

So let's prep our houses for the coming season & welcome fall in with the most open of arms! I cannot wait, what about you? :)

xox Addison

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