Monday, May 13, 2013

beach livin'

Although in Provo, Utah we don't live near a "beach" with ocean views as far as the eye can see, we do have a couple options! venturing to Utah lake, going up different canyons for a day at the lake (& we take what we can get!), or going on vacation to somewhere tropical :)

So here are some options for what to wear at the beach, or what to wear if you want people to think that's where you are headed ;)

sunhat $22 beaded blouse $38 tulle skirt $38

maxi dress $54 denim jacket $38 tote $26 necklace $32 hat $22

sunhat $22 blouse $42 necklace $68 romper $54
So whether you're going to the beach or wishing, these outfits are perfect for both!

Enjoy your Monday readers!

xo Addison

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