Saturday, March 30, 2013

saturday easter craftin

Easter is TOMORROW if you can believe it! Geez how this year has seemed to fly by already. But don't worry, because if you don't feel quite ready for Easter you still have today for some last minute crafts with your kiddos.

They will love these ideas I am positive, plus it is a good way to get them involved in holiday decorating for your home! keep scrollin for lots of fun..

paper bunny ears! too easy & too fun. simply cut a strip of paper to fit your child's head, staple or glue it, & then cut out paper ears in white & pink to layer & attach!

we all know paint chips have been so in for making the coolest crafts recently. so why not make an easter egg garland with them?? either punch out easter egg shapes from different colors of paint chips, or cut out your own. then you can string them to make a garland!

having a special easter dinner with family or friends? well the kids would love it if their table held carrot napkins! place the silverware inside of orange napkins, fold to make look like a carrot & tie it off with some green pipe cleaners for a super fun & easy look!

We hope this Easter is just as lovely as you all are. Thanks for making our Easter season a great one at Soel.

xo Addison

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