Wednesday, March 13, 2013

oh my oh my

Feelin crafty today? Well, by now you'll know that I'm feelin crafty EVERY day. haha. Here are some new ideas I picked up that I seriously cannot wait to try myself. I hope you try them right along with me!

Keep scrolling if you wanna make your crafty heart verrryyyyy happy...

Gold leaf Easter eggs! Draw a design on the egg, paint it in with glue, & place a sheet of gold leaf over the top. Lightly tap it all over the glue, but give it a second before lifting the edges up. Beautiful I tell ya.

Upcycle a coffee table into a bench with storage underneath! Perfect for a mudroom, front entry, or even in your bedroom. Buy outdoor cushions for lawn chairs to place on top, decorate with cute inside pillows, & slip a basket or two under for that added storage. NEED to try this..

This is TOO simple! I can't wait to try it for my own kitchen. Choose a couple of your favorite paint colors, get sample size cans at your nearest paint store, or if you have some in your garage use those! Dip your kitchenware, & voila! bright, modern, adorable items to enhance your next cooking experience.

Feel free to share your craftin experiences with me! I'm always up for hearing them.

This is DIY Addison signing off.

--Until next week!

xxo Addison

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