Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter is around the corner!

Easter Sunday is coming up & Soel is brainstorming some ideas to welcome in the holiday! These craft ideas are not only for us woman but for the kiddos too ;). 

 1. Easter Carrots:

you will need a few supplies:
clear tape
cone-shaped clear bags
  cheddar bunny crackers 
green crepe paper or gift tissue paper
1) fill the cone-shaped bag with the desired amount of cheddar bunny crackers and twist the top of the bag closed.
2) seal the top of the bag closed with a small piece of tape around the twisted area.
3) cut off any excess plastic bag just above where you taped.
4) cut 2 to 2 1/2 in strips of tissue/crepe paper and then cut fringe into the paper on one side stopping about 1/4 to 1/2 inch before you cut through to the other side.
5) take the tissue/crepe paper and wrap it around the tip of the plastic cone bag a few times with the fringy part facing the top.
6) take a small piece of tape, and tape the crepe/tissue paper into place.  arrange the fringe, and there you go!

 2. Easter Flower Bottles 

This ones easy! Just purchase or find old bottles & some washi/decorative tape that can be found at local boutiques such as our own :) for $3. Then start wrapping the tape around the bottle for a cute little decoration! This would be great if add flowers for a centerpiece or even to give as a simple gift to someone you want to show your gratitude towards. I mean they'd be crazy not to think this was thoughtful, right

3. Easter Pallet Art 

Start with a few wood panels & nail them together. Pick out a pastel color & stencil at your local hardware store & paint your heart out! This is perfect for a mantel piece to add to your Spring decorations! :)

 There you have it! Now get started

Carley & Stephanie 

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