Wednesday, January 16, 2013

party throwin' central

Do you ever want to throw a party just for the fun of it? Well I'm happy to be the bearer of good news.. Because you don't need to have a birthday, anniversary, or have a baby, or get married, or move into a new house to throw a party! Yay!

What about throwing a "favorite things party"?

The rules:
Bring five of your favorite things to share with the group (costing $12 or less-- or you can set whatever amount you wish), & then go home with five new favorite things!

Five of my favorite gifty things from Soel right now are as follows, though in no particular order :)

cutest cards $5

stationary notepad $10

party straws $4.50 recipe cards $9

always loving essie nailpolish $8

perfect stud sets $12

I'm about ready to throw myself a favorite things party & just have a shopping spree at Soel! haha, so come find your favorite things & see what favorites your friends get too. Then party party party & you're set! Plus we even have party decorations here too. You can never go wrong with throwing a Soel decorated party.

Cannot wait to see all of your lovely faces soon :)
xo Addison


Haylee said...

Oh my gosh this is the most genius idea ever. I love you guys. Question though, how do you do the swapping part of it? Like do you just invite 5 people and then let everyone choose one thing from each person or what? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just really want to do this now!

Jess said...

rifle paper co is my jam. lovelovelove their products! :)

Shelly Bean said...


Not a dumb question at all! I would suggest inviting 5 people, giving each of them one of your things, & each of them giving the other five people, including yourself, the thing they brought 5 of. So bring five of the same items to give out. The five ideas I suggested are just ideas, you could choose one & buy five of them to share :)

Hope this helps!
xo Addison

Shelly Bean said...


Me too! I LOVE anything & everything they create. Always amazing!

xo Addison