Friday, January 25, 2013

a lil different

For today's DIY I thought it would be fun to post a DIY project that we are currently in the process of creating at Soel.

It is one of the simplest, yet sooooooooo adorable it looks like you hired a professional, kind of DIYs. We chose a few of our favorite fabrics, a bright yellow ribbon to match, and got to work.

all you need: scissors, fabric, ribbon, a pencil (in case you want to mark triangles on the fabric before cutting out).

cut triangles as short, long, wide, narrow, etc. as you like. it would be cute if you cut out different size triangles, too! we just cut out as many as we could get from each strip of fabric. we ended up getting about 42 from each fabric. I like to eye things rather than measure, but you could measure & mark the triangles before you cut.

we put the triangles in a pattern we liked, laid the ribbon across the top of the triangles, brought out the hot glue gun & pasted away!

& the final product!

we then cut them into strips & hung them criss crossy on our walls, in our dressing rooms.. really anywhere we felt like.

 &; There you have it! A touch of spring in this bitter cold (but still wonderful) winter.

Thanks for reading, followers! I just love the support you continually give, to keep Soel what it is.
xo Addison

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