Wednesday, December 26, 2012

feelin' crafty

After the holidays, reorganizing your house may seem like a big feat to try to conquer, but I am here to tell you one of the simplest ways to get your house into possibly better shape than before!

This tip may blow your mind with simplicity.. I almost died when I saw it. In the picture they used a bakers rack, but I am sure you could use another empty shelf, free rod in your closet, or other things. So take all the wrapping materials from gifts given at Christmas (if you are like me I can't let go of beautiful ribbon on a box, or adorable tissue paper-- especially Soel's, & I am positive I still have gift bags that have been used multiple times for the past five years ha..), apply hooks on the bakers rack to hang gift bags for reuse in the future, & neatly fold tissue paper over the tiny rods on the rack. I would even add a bucket to sit on the shelf above where you cold store ribbon, as seen here.

I hope this helps you feel less stressed after the end of the holidays, & allows you to have more time enjoying friends, family, good food, good company, & create memories versus being overwhelmed.

Til next time--
xxoo Addison

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