Wednesday, December 5, 2012

christmas time is here

Feel like shopping at Soel? Well here are a couple suggestions..
1) If you live nearby, come in! Easy as that :)
2) If you live out of town, then call us up for anything you see posted on our insta, facebook, pinterest, or here, our blog! We ship $5 flat rate. Easy as that times two.

blouse $70 pants $68 bag $228 necklace $40 belt $29

denim top $86 peplum top $78 pants $158 necklace $44

top $42 (striped) maxiskirt $46 necklace $104 necklace $70 necklace $52

So whether you're our neighbor or out of area friend, shopping at Soel is meant to be for a perfect day. So upon thinking of the most cliche phrase I could.. it is time to shop til you drop! But really. Especially for the holidays, Soel has extraordinary things waiting for you.

Can't wait to see your beautiful, now-reading-but-ready-to-come-shop, faces!
xo Addison

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