Wednesday, November 7, 2012

diy with twine & thyme

If you ask me, tables could always use a little sprucing up with a darling table piece. There are seriously SO many easy, affordable, & incredible diy table piece ideas that you won't even know what to do with yourself!

With winter fast approaching, these ideas will be sure to get you ready for any holiday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & even just a cozy family gathering.

But prepare yourself.. because I'm about to show you a little bit of table piece heaven..

a jar filled with evergreen needles, cranberries (or any beauitful berries for that matter), & a tea light as the cherry on top makes for a simple last minute, but looks like you spent forever on it table piece.

little jars of any kinds & all sorts (can be mismatching in a line on the table), with thyme twisted around the tops of the jars will make your house smell festive & look it, all the same!

how cute is this?? cinnamon sticks surrounding a candle (could be a cinnamon candle if you're going with the theme), and tied off with some twine!

You guys, I'm in love. Now I wish I had a table for every room to make these perfect gem table pieces!

Happy decorating--
xo Addison

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