Saturday, October 13, 2012

treat yourself

Sometimes, you just need a day to treat yourself to the cozy joys in the world. I am here to offer a few suggestions on how to do that.. Because trust me, I KNOW we need training on how to treat ourselves.. It's hard to do sometimes!

But not anymore. Just follow these easy diy ideas, & you'll be set for a royal day all to yourself.

begin with a cup of hot cocoa with nutella. mix a cup of milk, two spoonfuls of nutella, marshmallows, and you're set!

while you're waiting for your hot chocolate to cool down just a bit, it's time to fire up your bath with homemade bubble bath! mix together one cup of unscented shampoo, 1/3 cup glycerin, 2 tbl spoons of water & a few drops of your favorite essential oils. get ready for a calming spa like experince, with mug of cocoa in hand, and a bubble bath on the way!

now it's the time to cozy up with a favorite read in the covers of your beautiful bed with AMAZING headboard! ..your headboard isn't quite amazing yet you say? simply hang a curtain rod with a curtain & drapes to master the elegant & MUCH more inexpensive headboard for your bed.

I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to go have a relaxing day next free chance I get. & remember! "Free chances" often don't come unless we make room for them. So tacke charge, & make your relaxing treat yourself day, happen!

Enjoy your Saturday hopefully-off-from-work-day, readers--
xo Addison

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