Monday, September 17, 2012

yes yes, date night is any night

Get ready for the cutest idea you may have seen in awhile.

This isn't any old date jar. This is one filled with memories waiting to be made! You color code each stick for different kinds of dates. For example, in this picture you can see red sticks, dark pink sticks, and light pink sticks.

The red are for more expensive, more extravagant ideas, such as a:
  • Bed and Breakfast

  • Hotel stay for the night

  • Local (outdoor perhaps?) concert and dinner

  • Weekend away

  • Couples Massage

  • The dark pink are for at home dates like:
  • Cooking challenge; where you cook something special for each other & see who is the master chef

  • Fondue and board games

  • Puzzles and pizza

  • Popcorn and a chick-flick

  • Crosswords and breakfast for dinner

  • Making a dessert together

  • Your favorite TV show marathon

  • Homemade pizzas and an Italian movie

  • & the light pink are for things away from home but less expensive than the red and can be more spur of the moment, such as:

  • Dinner and a movie (his and her choice)

  • Mexican night; go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant & then salsa dance after!! (favorite idea..)

  • Drive-In date (second favorite!)

  • Dessert only date (wait this one sounds fabulous too)

  • Decor window shopping for the house

  • Bowling

  • Dinner at your favorite place (always a great choice)

  • Just remember this: date night is ANY night, so throw you & your sigfnificant other a party to celebrate love! Enjoy being with each other, & maybe stop by Soel on your way out.. :)

    Use this with your hubby, boyfriend, or even a fun girls night with your very best treasures!

    Can't wait to hear what other ideas you think of to put on these babies.

    Happy dating!
    xo Addison


    Kat said...

    Addison - I love this idea! Just in time for nate's 50th birthday. I will have to add this to his basket of fun and love. =) Have a great day!

    Shelly Bean said...

    yay, I'm so happy to hear that!! thanks for sharing kathi. you are the best! & happy birthday to your hubby. sending love to you from soel!
    -- xxxoooo Addison