Saturday, September 8, 2012

plaids plaids plaids


  1. Checkered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of wool.
  2. Any cloth with a tartan pattern
  3. Too adorable to resist
 (ok maybe I added that last one..)
But it's true! With fall comes chill, & it seems that plaid is the perfect solution. The nice thing about plaids is that you can get them in a flannel or a lightweight cotton. So many options.
this outfit just brings happiness. period. top $118 sweater $72 pants $168 necklace $84

look at the BACK on this top.. to die for. & these are the softest pants you'll ever feel in your life.. I am not kidding one bit. I tell you, so soft. Genetic Denim has done it again! top $98 pants $187

& a huge thanks to cute tregan for modeling today!
Enjoy your weekend lovely readers--

xo Addison

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