Friday, August 10, 2012

Tregan's 5 (or 6) favorite things.

I have been loving pretty much every thing that we have been getting here at Soel. Its a daily fight between me and myself to not buy it all. To make things a little easier on myself I make a daily "top 5" (or 6, if I just love it too much) list, that way me and my husband wont go bankrupt.

Here is my top 6* list for this week:

These flying monkey floral pants are so dang cute, and only a whopping $54!! Can you believe it? I couldn't. Although I'd love to have them all to myself, I think I can share them with you too.

Say hello to the cutest candle you've ever seen. I am just dying over the containers! The smell isn't too shabby either, it comes in 2 different scents ; Eden & Pear, Santiago Huckleberry. I think I'll be taking one home with me this weekend. ($26)

Children Native shoe, As light as a Croc but obviously much much cuter. These beauties are a must have for your kid, I dont even have a child but I'm wishing I did. I seriously love these little shoes which is why they've made the list. Only $30.

Okay, do these backpacks make you want to go back to school like they do me? I like them all but specifically the dark navy with white polka-dots. I might just have to buy it for my niece just to satisfy my craving. $54

I am one of those girls that only likes drinking out of glass. I just hate the leftover taste of plastic when I'm drinking water. These Lifefactory glass water bottles are perfect because not only are they glass but they are darling! oh, and not to mention easy to carry and they fit in your car cup holder. Whats not to love? ($25)

White + Owl + Piggy-bank= Perfection. I am going to get this and put it in my living room as a decoration. We've had them in and out of the store often and each time I kill myself for not buying one before we sell out.

So there you go! Come on in and make your own top 5 list, we have so many cute things you dont want to miss out on.

xoxo, treg.

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