Monday, August 20, 2012

diy, how I've missed you!

It seems to me like it's been far far too long since we've had a DIY. So without any further delay- it is definitely DIY time!

Summer is totally the season of weddings.. or at least this summer it has been! The love bug was clearly caught by many people :) which is great! So with all the presents to give, it's nice to have a different & simple way to make your presents look cute. Try finding a new way to tie the bow around the gift, like above.. Just wrap, twist, & tuck!

Cupcake tins have never been used better.. besides for baking yummy treats :) Here you can poke a toothpick, pin, etc., in the middle & fold it as you put it through a styrofoam ball. Once you've covered the entire foam ball you can place the whole thing in a vase & come out with a splendid centerpiece for the table!

Paint canvas, place all right next to each other, squirt a different color paint (they used white), & after drying hang the canvas a little bit spread out. It kills me how cute this is. & SO easy!

A map of your honeymoon, or vacation with a friend, or family members, then a picture of you in that place! So creative.

Whether we want to face the facts or not, the cold is soon coming! These crafty homemade sweater mittens are perfect for an inexpensive way to dress up your hands & embrace the cold. Find a sweater that doesn't fit anymore, measure around your hands, cut, flip them inside out while you sew, then reverse them one more time to wear! So darling.

I can't wait to try a couple of these out for myself. Let me know if you do & how they turn out! Hop you enjoyed :)
xo Addison

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